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Rotate cubes to help us know you better! Click on a face to have more details You already play in a club where you just like to play football. And ... do you dream of becoming a professional? So create a player profile that will allow you to become known to the community, register for recruitment / detection sessions offered by amateur or professional clubs, get you sponsored by a brand and have you supervised by a recruiter! We all know around us a good football player who only wants to be known. Do you want to discover the star of tomorrow before everyone? Do you have some time to see players train or play? The recruiter profile is for you. You will access the database of players which will allow you to discover new talents not yet supervised. It's up to you to help him make himself known to clubs, sponsors or coaches You are the largest pool and player provider, your role is valuable. It's up to you to put your players ahead or recruit new ones, create news by organizing events like detections / tournaments, promote your club You want to sponsor a player, a coach, a club by giving them material. Create an account to help our members in their careers, we need you. Could your product be of interest to community members? Do you want to sponsor a player or club by giving them brand material? Create an account and we will show you the different ways to highlight your activity You are an investor, you are a talented finder and want to be part of a player's life right now? Mooggoo offers the possibility to buy the image rights of a player on our site and to manage his visibility with potential sponsors. No need to be rich, everything is auctioned! This profile is made for visitors wanting to see what is happening on the site, support his friend, son, brother, etc. Being a Fan, you help to make the community live You simply coach a team: your players need you! You will have the responsibility to supervise them, to note them and to accompany them throughout their career. You will be the guarantor of quality information on the site: we count on you! Neither pro nor licensed, you are there to make your mark and if possible evolve. Attention, this profile will not allow you to make transactions on the site You have an official license of the league, it is an asset for you! Our platform will accompany you, provide you with all the necessary tools to be efficient. We will contact you in person quickly :) Professional? Your profile may be scrutinized because your visibility can help a large number of members! Your goal is to do business on our site. It's good you are not the only one;) We will put you in touch with the right people and provide you with a real working tool to steer your business Creating a network is probably the hardest job to do. Fortunately for you, Mooggoo is there to centralize all the actors of the sport and to provide you all the possible means to put you in relation with the right person in a few clicks! Your project, secret or not, is to make a career in your field. Your friends will not know it but we will and we will help you reach your goal. Stay connected as much as possible on the platform because when your turn comes, it will be necessary to be ready to answer us!
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