The revamped Cincinnati Reds bullpen
 Since the beginning of the 2016 MLB season, Cincinnati Reds relievers have thrown 1193 total innings. That sounds exhausting, as well it should - it’s the most any bullpen has been tasked with throwing in that span. While the quantity itself is staggering, so too are some of the periph...
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Cross Jose Quintana off list of potential Astros trade targets
Trade season officially began Thursday morning with one of the best starting pitchers on this summer's market changing teams Socrates Brito Gray/Turquoise Jersey. In a blockbuster that leaves the AL-leading Astros with one fewer trade possibility ahead of the July 31 deadline, the Chicago ...
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Les pointeurs laser pourraient etre mauvais pour votre chat
La plupart des préoccupations concernant les pointeur laser 3000mw et les chats provient du laser lui-même. Est-ce dangereux pour leurs yeux? Bien sûr, vous ne voulez pas pointer le faisceau directement dans les yeux de votre chat à dessein, mais non, ce n'est vraiment pas le gros problème...
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