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yuandanzou Jan 9
Unless you are getting struck by detonate dead on Abaxxoth's corpse (that by the way happened to me last night, I'm a little salty still), not much will kill you. So get out there, blow up things, and enjoy the brokenness of PoE trade currency Elemental before it probably gets nerfed league Hit!Path of Exile: Defensive Herald of Agony Build

This Herald of Agony build is something. It's based on a construct that has been posted on the forums, and utilizes block chances. Nugi took this kept the heart, construct, and steered the block. He has made a power house that may nevertheless clear content smoothly. Now, let's Delve into just how he did it!

You ought to be understood that this construct is NOT for novices, before we get too far. In fact, it's one of the builds out there. Additionally, it is quite convoluted to set up. But if you set up it and can receive of the currency, it has the potential to be buy poe currency one of the builds in the game. Best for those delves!

The base build costs around 20 exalts. The majority of this goes directly into a Zerphi's flask, which is essential for the build. The rest of the equipment is discretionary Nugi himself is sporting as the large end.