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bellyhu Oct 31 '18
Overlord cannot make bones as to what it is - it is really an A-list budgeted movie using a B-movie heart. It knows just what it wants to do, and takes itself seriously (even if the movie commits to how goofy it might get). One wink or nudge to its audience, plus the balloon gets popped, as well as its credit tv series 2018 , Overlord never once does that, so that it is much more exciting and fun. The movie throws us directly into it through the opening titles, similar to all those great war films of old, and sprints for the finish line for some of its running time. Overlord also embraces every war movie cliche being a mom to her kids at Thanksgiving, but we don’t mind. The characters, with few exceptions, are straight from the playbook because of these kinds of things, even so the actors have such a good time which it becomes infectious.

Why does Overlord be well the way it does? For one thing, director Julius Avery shoots this thing like he’s being chased. The opening action sequence riffs away from every recent war movie through the past two decades, but Avery keeps it exciting and intense. He also doesn’t spare the gore - bodies explode with meaty abandon, plus the blood and viscera spray such as the theater’s burning down. The intensity doesn’t let up, either. Avery, with screenwriters Billy Ray and Mark Smith, are experiencing too much fun smashing genres together permit any distractions obstruct. Overlord could be the kind of movie which they put 11 for the volume knobs for.

This is, absolutely, the top work Nicole Kidman has ever done. She will, without doubt garner an Oscar nomination over her performance here, and yes it would be well-deserved. I just hope folks who write about this film don't steer the conversation about her performance minimizing it to your simple foundation job, because anyone who does that you should instantly suspect. Often Hollywood will diminish a performance by an actress to lighting and makeup, plus it’s disrespectful and insulting to achieve that - to Kidman, or anyone. Kidman’s Erin Bell is often a remarkable achievement because atlanta divorce attorneys moment of her work, as we see her current existence plus flashback, were seeing a life devastated by bad choices and terrible, inexorable fate. It’s terribly troublesome for any actor to experience the journey that Erin Bell includes Destroyer find tv series , but Kidman can make it look like she’s living this life rather than just acting it. There are cop performances over time that have become iconic, like Gene Hackman in The French Connection, or Al Pacino in Serpico. Kidman’s work here absolutely needs to be ranked one of them.

It’s here that The Hate U Give truly impresses using its unflinching power and admirable complexity. Director George Tillman Jr (Notorious) renders the shooting and Starr’s ensuing grief having an unvarnished rawness. What’s more, as Starr’s status as being a sole witness leaves her alienated from her school friends (and brings the eye of both Issa Rae’s Black Lives Matter activist and Anthony Mackie’s menacing local druglord), the film forgoes easy answers about assimilation and also the different forms racism usually takes. At each turn, Stenberg is utterly magnetic, capable of nimbly hop from sitcom lightness to wrenching emotion. Russell Hornsby, as Starr’s reformed gang-banger dad, is similarly commanding.