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blair2019 Sep 29 '18

Pharrell x Adidas NMD Human Race Core Black,Standing on the side, Leonard looked at the red bell rope at the wrist of Luo Yun, and he sighed in his heart. For this situation, he naturally prefers the Vera side. A vain Jessica section cannot be followed. Compared with the girl in front of him, Leonard knows that as long as Luoyun doesn't take off the rope in a day, it means that he still remembers the Korean girl! "Well, I am leaving, everyone is waiting!" Luo Yun said directly after the Vera down from the body, touched the girl's soft hair, soft voice.

Nike Air Max 270 Be True,"Well!" Vera's mood was very lost, but she could only nod slightly, let go of the hands holding Luo Yun, and whispered: "Remember my words, did you hear?" "Going to South Korea to prepare how to play?" Leonard said with a smile to Luo Yun. In his opinion, this is a free tour. Under the circumstances, there is such a good thing, this time you can be considered a blessing!

OFF WHITE X adidas Ultra Boost 4.0 Black White ,"How to play?" Luo Yun looked at Leonard with a strange look: "It's just playing a game! What else?""You are not going to find jessica and krystal?" Leonard licked the red bell rope at the wrist of Luo Yun."Sika and Xiaojing?" After Luo Yun heard Leonard's words, his heart suddenly became a bit boring. He knew the meaning of his friends, and he also wanted to know the news of Sika, but the whole Koreans, Haiyan, himself. Where to go to find, and then they only have 3 days, what is the way to live unfamiliar?