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Wow and old runecape its Buy Runescape gold | Forum

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yuandanzou Oct 8 '19

Problem is with Wow and old runecape its Buy Runescape gold much about nostalgia a player who has never played before can find it terrible. Nostalgia is everything in these games. Should you play Wow as a new player and you just cant get past the battle, cartoons and old fashion models but if you are used to those you can certainly look at all of the wonderful things these types of games have to offer you. But most people cant since the nostalgia isn't there.

I got hacked and lost the three mil I'd saved up for my bond. I love Runescape, but it is just so lame what folks do for money on an internet game.

I even understand what that is or probably can tell you've never completed the End of Sliske. Also lol@ friendly neighborhood and high-tech gap. Switching weapons and prayers and having a CHANCE of a high hit, isn't ability. I have killed tens of thousands of people in the jungle and that I don't believe it skillful in any way.

 People flaming eachother constantly and spouting homophobic comments and religiously putting down each and every individual that plays 

Runescape3 isn't friendly. Been playing since 2003, rsc veterans got shit on, while people that started in 2007 get blowjobs every day compared to what we obtained. (literally 0 updates because how can i buy dragon claws osrs with real money along with an unplayable game made to expire ).

Osrs is a great game for someone just starting out with all the franchise. As no way in hell can I return to an game like osrs, but in case you've never played with any runescape match, then you won't get this feeling. Osrs is a good game to start with, and maybe you would eventually play the main game as well.