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mumbaicrusher Jun 20 '19
The ore tube drier is often a form of drying tools which uses the high-temperature and high-speed flue fuel to dry the wonderful coal within a suspended point out. The ore tube dryer is especially adapted to processing the wonderful components with small density. For the reason that speak to area of the coal and incredibly hot flue gasoline from the dryer is large, the drying speed is speedy. The benefits of your ore tube dryer has the benefits of small footprint, considerably less expense in equipment and huge unit volume of vaporized drinking water, brief residence time with the high-quality coal from the dryer, basic composition, quick manufacture, straightforward maintenance and reduced usage of metal. The ore tube dryer has the drawbacks of very low thermal effectiveness, massive electricity usage, large attrition of tube wall and significant drying expense. Also, the drying plant is needed to be built larger. The greater grey of the wonderful coal is huge following drying. The handle is complicated and large quantity of coal dust will probably be manufactured. Considering that the high-temperature flue fuel has rapid heating outcome over the damp wonderful coal, the coarse-grained coal are going to be inconsistently heated to make sure that will probably be crushed. The Small Concrete Crusher For Sale has crushing result to some extent. The ore tube dryer manufactured by Henan Mining Equipment Co., Ltd. is mainly applied in high-moisture lignite. The humidity articles of the lignite is substantial, which could not be directly milled into the pulverizer. As a result, a pre-drying tools is required given that the front-end equipment in the coal mill machines for pre drying the lignite to fulfill the milling requirements from the pulverizer. The framework in the tube dryer consists of 3 areas, specifically the drying tube, bulk coal means and swabbing pig. The drying tube is undoubtedly an upstanding metal tube manufactured of rolled metal. The drying tube is usually pided into various segments that happen to be coupled and welded with the flange plate. The diameter of your drying tube is frequently 700mm to 1000mm along with the size is 15m to 25m. The diameter and the size from the drying tube count on the necessities with the creation volume along with the solution dampness. The bigger the amount of the drying tube, the better the diameter. If the item dampness is excellent after drying, the drying tube should be very long. The structure of drying tube can be pided into 3 elements. The first element is through the base in the drying tube to the entrance with the moist great coal. The length is about 5m to 6m. The recent gas enters the dryer from this element. For that reason, there really should be a fire-resistant layer inside the tube. The exit in the bulk supplies as well as high-quality coal for flotation is with the base on the tube. The element from the entrance of the damp fantastic coal to your straight section on the higher bend would be the drying portion. As a way to reduce heat loss and from burning the employees, the asbestos plus the insulating layer of other thermal insulation resources are lined using the surface area of your tube. The upper elbow may be the third part, which might adjust the way of air circulation and send out the dried coal and exhaust to the precipitator.