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We will CCTV Cables manufacturers give you plenty advice on how to save money and enjoy your parenting.

Infants are the most expensive.

For example, for food at supermarket. Reusing clothes and accessories


And spending increases gradually with the enlargement of the family.

Saving is strong in the case of children of the same sex, possibly born in the same season, not always able to  recycle  many clothing articles.

However it is undeniable that families with two or more children should pay a greater economic effort to balance the budget at the end of the month.Among baby food and diapers, accessories and clothes, baby sitter or nursery, at the end of the month the arrival of a baby will affect your budjet.

Also, should not be underestimated in this count also the possibility of reusing clothes and accessories, purchased earlier for the firstborn.

Do not miss the socond part of this article, which we will publish soon.

The economic impact is greater for a family is certainly linked to the arrival of the firstborn, especially during the first year of life. Address relatives and friends in their gifts

3. The truth is that you spends less in proportion for a family package than a single dose. aside gifts received in abundance


Similarly, the cost of preparing a meal for three people are not much lower than those for four or five.

It is no coincidence that singles do spend more then families.

if you want to find out what the tricks that we propose in the next article, here alune advances:


The second stage in which the expenditure has drastically come back is about two and a half years old, when finally the family budget gets rid of the economic impact of diapers and often the nursery or full time baby sitting.

It is no coincidence, in fact that in the past thirty years the number of children in American families has declined drastically and the number of children born per woman today it hard to deviate from an only child.

These figures are from  dizziness , so that very often we hear that the arrival of a baby, is almost a  second mortgage  for the family.

Let s see what impact more on the budget and how to keep costs under control.

An initial decrease in costs occurs, however, for families whose children were fed with formula milk to weaning. prefer mulitunction solutions


The second son is more economical

If the arrival of the firstborn is felt significantly on the household budget, the second son and then any subsequent impacting approximately 20 percent less than the first, precisely because the so called economy of scale.

It was calculated that an infant costs to an average income family where both parents have a job, about 800 dollars per month.

These figures may discourage the idea of giving birth to one or more children, while finding some comfort in the following evaluations:

Spending tends to decrease slightly when the baby is a bit bigger, around three years old, but then rises again. Organization with neighbors or friends

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